Pulp Sustainable Surf Designs

is committed to making quality surf related products that reduce our carbon footprint and enhance our overall experience in the ocean.

Organic Surf Wax
Pulp is making organic surf wax made from bees wax and other natural ingredients. It is also made with appealing scents such as bamboo, gardenia, and apple. We are making them a smaller 1.5 oz  bar which is about enough to cover a surf board, eliminating excess wax that gets sandy or wasted. We package 4 bars in a reusable kraft paper box. We also make wax in 16 oz. logs which can be sold in stores and cut as needed supplying about (11) 1.5 oz bars. This can eliminate packaging altogether, reducing waste.

Eco Friendly Clothing

Our clothing is made with style, function and sustainability in mind. Our line of paddle shirts are made from recycled plastic. We support riding the ocean of plastic waste by supporting methods and means of reuse. Our recycled plastic shirts are comfortable and quick drying. Our line of surf shorts are made from scrap fabric which would otherwise be discarded as waste. Fitted, stylish and earth friendly.

Sustainable Surf Boards

We are actively working on unique surf and SUP designs that reduce our carbon footprint. We are designing boards with corrugated paper cores, and striving to use bio friendly epoxies., as well as alternative materials where possible. Our boards are still in the design phase, but we have successfully made boards that float, ride waves, stand up to impact and are unique. Fish and Paipo Designs coming soon.

Our clothing is made with style, function and sustainability in mind. 


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