Mini Paipo Board with paper Based Core

Paper Based Surf Boards Boards

The name Pulp derives from our goal to make surfboards out of paper based cores by using various different paper making technologies. Paper products such as corrugated and honeycomb papers have similar characteristics to wood by offering strength and rigidity but by reducing weight. We have made numerous prototypes that have successfully been used to ride waves and paddle as SUP’s..

Why Paper? The surf industry has for a long time sought an alternative to foam based cores. Foam is lightweight, inexpensive, easy to shape and strong. Paper products share all of these qualities. The biggest problem with foam is that it has a negative impact on the environment and does not break down naturally. Paper on the other hand is recyclable, re-pulpable and would greatly reduce surfers’ carbon footprint as far as surfboard cores and the process of making them.

We know that we can make paper based boards that work, but our challenge is to make them efficiently while resulting in a product that is as good or better than industry standards. There has been a move to wood built boards, and we feel that paper can take this one step further. We hope to use this blog to document different steps in our progress.